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% of americans say congressional republicans. compared to 29%, president obama. 56% of americans consider the republican party as too extreme. compared to 48% who said the same in march. only 7 months ago. when asked if the election for the house of representatives were held today, 49% say they would vote for the democratic candidate as compared to 38% the republican candidate. and 11 point margin of difference. >> question, why aren't republicans doing better and where is the soul of the republican party? pat buchanan. >> the heart and soul is out in the country. it's at the grass roots, it's populous, it's conservative, it is traditionalist and wants to fight. no doubt the power, a lot of the power is located here in d.c. but in the long run, john, the republican party is facing demographic death. 90% of mitt romney's vote came from white americans and they have now fallen to 73% of the electorate and 63% of the population and it is getting smaller and smaller and smaller. >> why? >> it's because of the mass immigration, the change in demography. if you take the three minorities, a
the rules they impose on regular folks in the nation including obama care. republican senator rand paul is introducing the constitutional amendment. he joins us now. good to see you. what's the purpose of this? >> well, ever since i ran for office people would say, you know, what makes me mad is congress passes law and exempts themselves. my amendment would say congress shall pass no law that they exempt themselves or the president or the supreme court. one of the particularly galling things about obama care is the chief justices who decided the case don't have to live under it. they get special health care and don't live under obama care. that's wrong. >> the odds of this passing -- right, because to get a constitutional amendment through you three-fifths of the states, three-fourths of the states. so the odds of getting it through are slim. >> it will take an enormous ground swell. there is a lot of movement for this republican, democrat or independent. there is a great movement for term limits and a lot of d dissatisfaction with washington now. if these were put to the american peopl
republicans crying crocodile tears over the problems with the rollout of president obama's health care plan. they're pretending all they want to do is fix it. can you believe that? they just want to fix it. >> we've gone through 44 votes, 48 votes now, of you trying to dismantling the legislation. you call that cooperation? i don't. >> i like that guy out of his chair. >>> plus it's been a year since hurricane sandy hit the northeast and aid still isn't getting to many of those who desperately need it. >>> and let me finish tonight with the voters' want for politicians to work together. this is "hardball," the place for politics. the end. lovely read susan. but isn't it time to turn the page on your cup of joe? gevalia, or a cup of johan, is like losing yourself in a great book. may i read something? yes, please. of course. a rich, never bitter taste cup after cup. net weight 340 grams. [ sighs ] [ chuckles ] [ announcer ] always rich, never bitter. gevalia. american express credit card, every purchase earns you 2% cash back, which is deposited in your fidelity account. is that it? actually
. >> bring in two members of congress with different perspective obz obama care. republican marsha blackburn of tennessee and democrat sheila jackson lee of texas. ladies, thanks very much for coming in. so congress woman sheila jackson lee, did the president mislead americans? because as you know, millions of americans now are being told their existing insurance planses are no longer up to par with what obama care requires and they have to apply for new plans. >> it's good to be with you wolf, and absolutely not. you know, republicans are trying to have an early halloween by having monsters in every corner. everything that is regarding the affordableable care act giving millions of americans the opportunity for health care our republican friends will find a monster. what is happening is and what has been noted by insurance leaders is that yes, there are grandfather plans but there are plans not adequate or responsive to the affordable care act new benefits. ones dealing with pre-existing conditions and wellness care and so these plans are being upgraded. no insurance company based on the af
is the tip of the iceberg. >> this week republicans smelled blood in president obama's claim no americans would be kicked off their existing plans. >> let me repeat this. nothing in our plan requires you to change what you have. >> and yet as nbc reports a detailed look at the legislation shows that the administration knew that more than 40 to 67% of those in the individual market, or some percentage of 14 million americans, would not be able to keep their existing plans. never mind the fact the new plans will offer more comprehensive coverage and sometimes at a lower price tag, this is clearly the next front in a war on the nation's health care law. >> we know this morning is the president knew that these letters were coming. in the president knew these letters were coming and still indicated that you could keep your health care plan if you liked it, now, that raises some serious questions about the sales job of obama care. >> no one is more keenly aware of the complicated sales job of obama care than, well, president obama. in an interview with fusion last night, the president tried to
can't solve a problem until we realize the full extent of the problem. >> reporter: many republicans and democrats are pushing president obama to delay parts of the plan. the president is taking heat for this promise. >> if you like your doctor or health care plan, you can keep it. >> reporter: but cbs news has confirmed insurers are telling more than 2 million americans they will lose coverage because it does not meet new government requirements. those people have to sign up for a new plan through the health care exchange. danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> tomorrow they will grill kathleen cep bell yays. many are calling for her to resign in the wake of the troubled health care web site. >>> the white house is said to be looking at whether this country should end a program that allows the nsa to spy on foreign leaders. senator diane feinstein says she was flabbergasted such spying could take place. she is calling for a total review of all such activity. >>> there are more problems for the contractor that operates speed cameras in baltimore county. the county claims xerox
to the families of servicemen and women. the republican national committee now calls mr. obama the bystander president. an oklahoma senator says one result of that is no one's held responsible for failures like the botched launch of the obama care website. >> what one individual was responsible for putting this together or saying time-out, we're not ready? >> reporter: historians say sometimes presidents are kept out of the loop for their own protection. take ronald reagan and the iran contra scandal. >> there are some things they probably need deniability on, for example, the government does spy on other nations. >> reporter: at the same time hesz says chancellor merkel may be the least of mr. obama's problems. >> clearly the question of what now we call obama care, that's a loop he had better be in because that is the legacy of his whole administration. >> reporter: steven hess deciding whatnot to tell the president is a judgment call, and some details seem unimportant until they explode. >> wendell goler in the briefing room. thank you. do you think the president is out of the loop being
blood in the water here when it comes to obama care but it doesn't seem as if the rnc republicans have ever really taken the foot off the gas about obama care. so isn't this just more to be expected? >> well, sure. the glitches show the administration has clearly made mistakes with the rollout of this health care portal but they don't have a loyal opposition to work with. in a two-party adversarial system, the opposition party has a role to play in providing oversight, but congressional republicans are more interested in scoring cheap political points and attempting to sabotage the law rather than providing accountability. you know, we've had three years of oversight hearings on obama care, but they have been focused on irs conspiracy theories, on birth control. they have done almost nothing to ask questions on how to improve the rollout of this health care portal, and if they had asked questions about the portal and improving it in the last three years rather than starting today, maybe we'd be in a better place. >> i think congressman ryan's question that we led our segment with facil
years but it hasn't worked. now republicans have a real sort of talking point around obama care now. >> let me bring you back in as far as the insurance industry. you have -- there are reports that insurance executives are heading to the white house and having discussions they do not want to see in extension that's being pushed by a few democrats. they believe that would be detrimental, we don't need another insurance here. some looking at wall street and how they are faring, they are doing pretty good. you've always been concerned about the insurance executives and their influence here. what concerns you at this point? >> well, they are inordinately influ enshal. that's why the statement if you like your insurance you can keep it was so ill advised because it doesn't take into consideration how powerful these people are in washington and how much control they have over the health care system. it's important they go to the white house again. a delay into -- of some of the elements of the affordable care act would not be a good thing. i think they can work -- they have a great insen
republicans grilling the medicare chief about obama care did. she buckle or swing right back? that's coming up. remember the former nfl player whose house was trashed by hundreds of rowdy teens? there is new twist in that story. the latest coming up. as your life changes, fidelity is there r your personal economy, helping you readjust along the way, refocus as careers change and kids head off to college, and revisit your investments as retirement gets closer. wherever you are today, fidelity's guidance can help you fine-tune your personal economy. start today with a free one-on-one review of your retirement plan. would you like apple or cherry? cherry. oil...or cream? definitely cream. [ male announcer ] never made wi hydrogenated oil. oh, yeah. [ male announcer ] always made with real cream. the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy. >> now get ready to speedway your way through the news. first to capitol hill. nsa program hearings. lawmakers questioning u.s. spy chiefs about accusations the nsa has tapped the calls of u.s. americans and u.s. allies too. >> what we do not do is spy unlawfull
to jump on her? how is this going to work? >> the republicans will grill the secretary on the rollingout of the central portal for obama care. what they're really looking to do is put her on the spot ahead of 2014, to talk about things beyond the website to grill her on the policy. >> all right. are they going to point out this incredible presidential gap, which we now think is in the pantheon of presidential falsehood that they said repeatedly, the president sold under false pretences this plan by say figure you like your insurance company, you don't have to leave it. if you don't like your doctor, you don't have to leave it. it turns out that is completely untrue, there may be 15 million people to leave it. now, do you expect the house members to make a big deal of that with sebelius? >> very much so. larry, i walked over here for the capitol, they tell me they want to move the argument on obama care from the right beyond making it about glitches on a website no something about hip pock ricci and the administration being hypocriticalal of what it predicted and what it pr
convened this meeting because of the crisis that we recently experienced the standoff of president obama and congressional republicans. in a number of questions emerged from that crisis include, but not limited to the future of the republican party itself, the impact on america's image abroad, and what it implies for the duration of president obama's presidency. to answer questions or attempt to address them, we've assembled a distinguished panel here today including david keen, the former chairman of the american conservative union and the current opinion editor of the washington times. david is a veteran, political observer, and has participated in republican party politics for several decades. to the immediate right is the grover m. herman fellow in federal best of my knowledge tear -- budgetary affairs, row institute for economic studies, the heritage foundation, and she will address some of the economic implications of the process. to my left is president of the center of the national interest, the parent organization of the national interest magazine, and he'll talk about implicati
coming up soon. 5:11. >> president obama will meet with house republicans today to try to get immigration legislation moved through congress. the legislation is stalled in the house. months ago the senate passed a comprehensive bill to tighten border security to provide a path for citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the u.s. most house republicans reject that comprehensive approach to immigration reform. >> the syrian hackers were able to change the meaning of some of the president's tweets overnight. scott mcgrew, a clever hack. >> this is again an attack from the so-called syrian electronic army. what they did was they gained access to the short code links used by the president's elections site. so take a look. this is an example tweet. i'm making this up. he might say hey, take a look at this important issue, and that would be him. then there is a link to a webpage he wants you to look at but it's shortened. i think you've seen these shortened things on twitter. hackers were able to redirect that short url system to point to other content so the president's
party republicans stood up to president obama just in these last few weeks. >> you are getting pushback from the christie camp that he was playing politics immediately after the superstorm sandy hit jersey. >> they are sense totive to that, even a year later. they are going to point out what christie said earlier this year. in the first days and hours after the storm, politics never crept into his thinking. he said -- look at it this way. most of his residents were without power and no schools were open. only 51 gas stations were operational and he had to do what he could to help the people of that state and that men working with president obama in though first hours. christie says politics never crept into it but, of course, in the year since then they certainly have. he used that to his advantage politically and is good at that. >> he is an excellent politic n politician. here is a look at other top stories we are monday orring now in the situation room. just in, "washington post" reporting redskins owner daniel snyder has told the nfl commissioner he will not change his team's name.
media has basically been an attack. is that as the tough questions. seconds, bluntly, the republicans are worse than obama. that is what he is counting on. he goes after them, but was down. so far that strategy has paid dividends. lou: worse than in what context? >> devices, polarizing, fewer solutions, study is done less so for the future. lou: of sorry. i am looking for ideas. obamacare was the big idea. mitch mcconnell. i promise you that i was anyone thinking of it. then again, i have been waiting so expectedly for three and a half years for obamacare to be here, and is. what is here is disaster. we are going to see why, because you introduce the idea. who would like to take up with this panel and therefore we will why the national liberal media seems to think that president obama, despite all of the severance knows more than george w. bush knew and why is and the national media laughing as it did at mr. bush, why not laugh at mr. obama? who will take that up with the panel on become my back. stay with u tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 trading inspires your life. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 life in
the entire law. today republican leaders made that clear. >> you know, the problem with obama care isn't just the website. it's the whole law. >> and the bottom line is the problems with obama care run deeper than just the website. >> hear that? this isn't about the website glitches. it's about scrapping the whole thing. never mind that 17 million children with pre-existing conditions are now covered. never mind that insurance premiums are 16% lower than expected. the gop wants all this to wither on the vine. and they're offering no alternatives of their own. and today democratic congressman bill pasquel called them out on it. >> including the one i'm the coo sponsor of. >> are you serious what you just said? are you really serious? after what we have gone through and what we have gone through in the last three and a half years. you can sit there and say that you had a legitimate alternative after these years? we've gone through 44 votes, 48 votes now, of you trying to dismantle the legislation. you call that cooperation? i don't. >> wow. that's an amazing moment. this law is important. it's
your tweets and posts. house republicans demanding answers about the obama care web site and a subpoena is going out o. house oversight chair darrell issa is here to talk about that next. test test >>> okay. let's go off the record for just a minute. now, this is not about whether you are for or against obama care. this is about reality. about getting the money to fund obama ha care. where are we getting it. obama care for the nation ♪ free. we had to find the money but where? shear who the obama administration is banking on, the young and the healthy. president obama believes the old and healthy will finance old. young people typically don't have much medical care. they are young. the hope is that the young fill the obama care covers and take that money to use to pay the big medical bills of the older and the sick. can we counted on the young? will they do this for us? what do you think in the the white house is hoping the young will make up 40% of the new enrollees in the health care exchanges, but getting that many people to sign up, well, i don't think that's so easy. right now th
they did not have -- help the republicans? just like vladimir putin said. he did not understand what obama was doing. he was either ignorant or trying to destroy america. guest: she brings up a great point, the issue i was talking about, so many instances where executive branch agencies have screwed up. i can assure you that if the irs had the oversight of the nsa, that would not have happened. if they are so distrusting of governments, we have to fight that. people want to paint our government with the same brush, she is exactly right, there was some abuse of power over there at the irs and we have continued to investigate that. it is against that backdrop we are trying to defend programs that are important for this country, defense, and national security. that is the tough battle i have got. we are trying to find some things to do to help with respect to the intelligence we beingthering where it is properly overseen, gathered, and watched like a hawk. host: congressman, thank you for coming to talk to our viewers. guest: greta, thank you for having me on. i did not mean to pitch myself.
not nonpartisan, according to the conservatives. this has republicans scared out of their minds. they don't know what to do. krauthammer laid down the battle lines this morning. he said if obama care fails, liberalism will be set back a generation. >> the irony is that his signature achievement, obama care, is the test of this new liberalism, and today it hangs in the balance of a website or a promise here and there, so there's kind of a practical reality check on his ambitions. if he does not succeed with obama care, the cause of the kind of expansive liberalism, the kind of entitlement state he has been looking for, i think will be set back a full generation. >> this is not about entitlements. this is about excess. this is about people being denied. and this new liberalism that's out there. heck, i thought kennedy had a pretty good dose of how he wanted to take this country in the right direction. and now president obama, i guess you could say, generationally speaking is taking us to round two. what are they afraid of? they are afraid that this is going to be so popular, and that they are on t
is the political fallout? >> thankfully, ted cruz has branded the republican party as the anti-obama care party. that's going to help us next year. i would recommend the if this proceeds as it looks like it is going to where the democrats have to ask for a delay now, exactly what they shut the government down for, lo those weeks ago, ted cruz and mike lee and the house republicans should do the same thing to a delay bill. attach the defund. now it's not a question of shutting down the government. now it's not a question of the debt ceiling. they can't get it up and running. they have to pass a delay bill. >> there is almost an open warfare against good conservatives. in utah they are going to primary mike lee. if they do -- >> oh! >> you didn't hear? >> no. >> establishment guys are targeting tea party members. >> the one thing you are supposed to depend on the establishment as we refer to it they are supposed to not primary our own guys. usually they are upset about the establishment type and the party apparatus says, no, no don't waste timen on this. we'll keep them. >> if they do though that
of now conservative republican friends who are calling me and saying, here's the ironic thing. i'm going to benefit from obama care. i'm glad they are. but i just thought that maybe all of them would be put in a pool with me instead of the pool expanding where all the healthy people, you know, kind of went into a higher premium pool. because then to me it is not affordable. it is available but not affordab affordable. >> our thanks to sue klinkhamer for telling us her story. >>> just keep quiet. that's the advice by one republican. taking shots at the majority leader in the senate. which republican senator is so fed up with harry reid he called him a name i can't even repeat here. y time, which is great...what? he's using you. he probably has a citi thankyou card and gets 2x the points at restaurants. so he's just racking up points with me. some people... ugh! no, i've got it. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points on dining out and entertainment, with no annual apply, go to ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to
obama care passed, nobody envisioned that 30 some odd republican governors would refuse medicaid. rsh let's listen to what jay karney had to say about this today. >> what everybody said all along is there will be changes brought about to create minimum standards. min numb services that everyone has to provide. there are existing health care plans that don't meet the minimum standards and therefore do not qualify for the affordable care ak. >> he is talking about one of the controversial aspects of the law as it's working now which is republicans say that people are being kicked off of their health plans. in fact, what's going on is that the health plans are being brought up to standard, up to grade where they will provide a greater value. >> right. we went through this. we did a lot and have done a lot of obama care. we did it about 20 years ago. we have gone through this. there is resistance because people like what they have but the truth is a lot of what people have had in the individual market which was really a disaster before obama care was inferior stuff. i used to have patient
launch of the website. republicans have called for her resignation, but president obama said he still has faith in her. >> penn state university is getting ready to pay out $60 million to victims of former football coach jerry sandusky, announcing settlements with 26 accusers. this comes more than a year after sandusky was accused of 45 counts of child sex abuse and sent to prison for life. penn state president rodney erickson called the settlements another step forward in the healing process for victims. >> a surprising study of college campuses finds repeat rapists often go unpunished. >> he wasn't suspended. >>? >> he wasn't expelled? >> no. >> school predators going from one victim to another. why law enforcement have such a hard time bringing them to justice. >> where are you guys one year later? >> basically exactly the same place we were the day after the storm. >> the insurance loophole that's leaving some sandy victims without the ability to rebuild their homes. >> how much you pay for loans could be decided in the next few days. find out which way investors are betting. >> welco
obama doesn't halt the deportations and every day the house republicans don't act on this bill. so, i think americans have tuned in to that. i think americans understand the crisis that our community is faced with every day, and they tie that to the inaction. i mean, but republicans have now this track where they have to first fail at something to then realize that it's political suicide for them to continue on that destructive path. >> that's a good point, and that is exactly the dynamic that had to happen with the shutdown, and hopefully, i hope that you're right, that enough failure will convince john boehner to do the thing he did with the shutdown, the thing he did with sandy recovery, which is bring it to a vote. lorella praeli from the united dream network, thank you so much. >> the story in california where hundreds of thousands of middle class americans are finding sticker shock. >> the president has some credibility problems, too, because he goes out and says these things that have right from the get-go been untrue, and he knew they were untrue. >> that was karl rove on fox
republican leaders? that's an embarrassment for the obama administration. they say they're calling for a review of the nation's spy programs. it's perhaps one of the only things that the white house and the gop leadership can agree on these days. >> have a listen now to house speaker john boehner. he was talking just moments ago. >> i don't think there's any question that there needs to be review. there ought to be review. and it ought to be thorough. we've got obligations to the american people to keep them safe. we've got obligations to our allies around the world. but having said that, we've got to find the right balance here. and clearly, there's -- we're imbalanced as we stand here. >> and john boehner seeming to echo president obama there. interesting to note, this is coming out, all this condemnation and calls for reviews after it was revealed that foreign leaders were potentially spied on, not the millions of spanish or civilian enordinary citizens the gathering of their metadata. it's interesting that this was the impetus and not what was revealed before. >> a bit annoyed.
's cofounded the largest targeted news service and developed the telecommunications policy. president obama nominated tom wheeler as well as republican michael o'reilly to fill two vacant seats on the f.c.c. so what's stopping us from filling these vacancies with a bipartisan pair of nominees? listen to this. the senator from texas stalled the nomination because he owe boazs legislation proposed by democrats in congress that would require shadowy groups that spend millions on political advertising to disclose their donors. this next one is really a doozie , mr. president. the united states secretary of finance, treasury, i'm sorry, other countries it's called secretary of -- or minister of finance. extremely important job. this man is qualified. he's run the office of management and budget, he's been the present chief of staff, he's now secretary of treasury and what a fine, fine man jack lew. jack lew even though he is the secretary of treasury of this great country, he can't go to meetings that other finance ministers from around the world can go. why? because republicans are holding up h
, but that's an issue where republicans are being saved from themselves by just how bad the obama care roll out has been. because ultimately, you know, people's cancelled health insurance plans that's just a fact that's going to -- >> not cancelled, upgraded. >> no, no cancelled. >> we should be saying you're welcome. >> ramesh, thank you very much. come back. good to have you on. we'll be looking for the new issue of the national review. >> look at that cover. is that not -- i'm going to frame that cover. i love that cover. this really is, mika, this is one of the more important conservative articles in at that long, long time and ramesh would love to have you come back later this week and talk about this if you can. >> i don't agree. >> gene doesn't come to work on barry goldwater's birthday. >> he wishes we were more like goldwater republicans. >> you got to go back to that. >> we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] staying warm and dry has never been our priority. our priority is, was and always will be serving you, the american people. so we improved priority mail flat rate to giv
. house republicans launching an in-depth investigation into the rollout of obama care have threatened to subpoena sebelius. so who is the secretary of health and human services anyway? the kansas democrat and former governor, she was never part of the white house inner circle. the president's second choice for hhs secretary, nominated after former senate leader tom daschle dropped out. but she helped to get president obama's signature accomplishment, obama care passed into law, just a handful of cabinet secretaries to stay on in the president's second term, and she's given no indication she's ready to leave the job. >> my job is to get this up and running are the way it should have been running on day one. it's the most important work i've ever done in my life. >> joe johns, cnn, washington. >> joe, thank you. coming up, the best video of the day, including this crazy story out of the florida. look at this. a clerk survives a shooting thanks to his cell phone. >>> plus, surfers in search of the big one find this monster wave. find out where and how we'll know if it breaks a record, ne
the conservatives, this as unified republicans. john boehner continues the drum beat against the affordable care act this morning. >> i said last week that obama-care is like a wet blanket over our economy. american people are looking for more jobs better wages but with all the uncertainty around this law, employers are having a verydy. time making decisions. it's time to delay this. it's time to fix this. before it gets only worse. >> another threshold question that no one at the white house or the administration wants to answer, how many people have been successful in signing up for this website. the problems first began to surface about three weeks ago, they will let us know in mid november. >> so mike, the bottom line in washington is they are talking about obama-care again. >> again, yeah. >> thank you very much, mike. officials are confirming a outbreak of polio in syria, this would be the first in 14 years. there are ten -- excuse me, confirmed cases 12 many are now being investigated. most of those people being tested are babies. last week the u.n. launch add campaign to immunize nearly 2.5
and insurance is being canceled because of obama care. >> the administration did formally extend an enrollment deadline by about six weeks yesterday. something we knew would happen last week. republicans are talking about another pressing issue. whether all of that information is safely concealed from prying eyes. >> thank you, doug. last knightsen tonight -- last tore rarand paul the thing abou care is the chief justices who decided the case aren't going to have to live under it. they will get special healthcare they won't have to live under obama care and i think that's wrong. >> despite is being a challenge the american people will support it. >> last week we told you the story of the obama care operator who was fired from her job after she spoke to sean hannity. not only did he give her a year's salary of 26,000 dollars he also said he would help her find a new job. you had an interview today, give us the good news? >> i got the job. i am excited. i get vacation time, bonuses. not too far for my kids as well. >> it's a better -- it's better all of the way around for you. in other words, yo
. >> and a no small irony, many people have pointed 24 out, that republicans have tried to defund the government in order to kill the affordable care act, obama-care as they would have it, are now holding a series of hearings wondering what in the world is wrong with this website, why people can't get on and buy the insurance that they are trying to kill to take away. dave camp is the came of which committee. he wants to know how many people were able to log on successfully, a very sharp exchange. >> do you not have any idea of how many people have enrolled? >> folks are still in the process of enrolling both in the state base exchanges and in the federal exchanges. >> are you getting those numbers? >> amount i getting those numbers, not yet. >> you have no numbers on who is enrolled? you have no idea? >> we will have them available mid november. >> so tony, what is the upshot. we have been through that exercise, clearly that won't happen. not only republicans many democrats are calling for a delay in that individual mandate. march 31st is the deadline. you can face a fine, and now many democrat
and that we shut down guantanamo three years ago. he thinks republicans will actually work with him. i know. i'm telling you, the president is in a bubble. >> jon: he's a bubble boy. >> yes. exactly. >> jon: why is it so important that president obama be kept in the dark about it? >> because they don't want to bum him out, jon. he's supposed to be america's inspiration. the face of hope and change. how is he supposed to give the moving speeches if he knows all the terrible stuff that is really going on? i don't know how you can sit here and tell jokes every night. >> jon: i pretend i'm a character in a movie about the country falling about. >> thanks, jon. a good tip. >> jon: if the president doesn't know what is actually happening, how does he run the country? >> oh, jon, no president has run the country since kennedy. you heard what they said. our spying operation is totally under the control of the national intelligence priorities frame work. >> jon: i can't believe that. you couldn't come up with a more sinister sounding organization. >> exactly. >> jon: to secretly run the country. how ma
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